Primary phenotyping of mouse embryos

Posté le 05 septembre 2016 par Université de Strasbourg

STRASBOURG, 67 - Bas-Rhin, Alsace
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Description du poste

Learning objectives

This training is aimed at providing a theoretical and practical background knowledge destined for researchers and engineers that are willing to acquire primary expertise in mouse development. The topics will cover dissection of post implant embryos, histology, whole mount Lac Z staining and confocal imaging of whole embryos.

Prospectives attendees

Researchers, engineers, scientists need to have the basic knowledge in animal biology to understand mouse development physiology and the biological technics for phenotyping.
The training is opened to Non-French speaking people.


Mandatory respect quarantine, meaning no contact with any rodents (rodents and exotic pets included) 3 days before accessing the PHENOMIN-ICS animal facilities.


Day 1 :
- Lectures: Mouse embryology
Introduction to Mouse embryonic development
Determining the window of lethality of mutant mice in utero
Phenotyping of mouse embryos -
- Workshops
Collection and fixation of mouse embryos and placentas at E10.5 (mid gestation stage)
Whole mount Lac Z staining of E10.5 embryos (Step1)
Day 2 :
- Lectures : Phenotyping of mouse embryos
- Classical histology (Fixation, embedding, orientation, sectioning and staining),
Immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
- Imaging technics (HREM, micro CT, OPT)
- High frequency echography to visualize and quantify embryonic development
- Workshops
- Observation of embryos by echography
- Observation of embryos by micro CT, OPT (potentially)
- Whole mount Lac Z staining of E10.5 embryos (step 2) + Observation
- Collection of mouse embryos at E8.5 (early embryonic stage)
- Collection of mouse fetuses and placentas at E18.5 (just before birth)
Day 3 :
- Lectures: specific technics in mouse embryology
The in-vitro culture of mouse embryos/ drug testing
Confocal macroscopy: application in embryology
- Workshops
Observation of embryos at the confocal macroscope
Visualization of histological sections at different stages of development. Example of abnormalities.

Teaching methods

Lectures in the morning and workshop in the afternoon.


This training course is an « action d'adaptation et de développement des compétences » (ref. French law). A certificate of attendance is delivered after the course. An evaluation measures the trainees' satisfaction and the achievement of learning objectives.

Study Directors

Dr.Yann Hérault, PhD

Contact : Olivia Wendling, PhD - email :

PHENOMIN - Institut Clinique de la souris. 1 rue Laurent Fries - 67404 ILLKIRCH Cedex, France.

3 days

Organisations particulières

In 2016 :
Reference : SRI17-0440
From November 23th to November 25th


PHENOMIN - Institut Clinique de la Souris
Rue Laurent Fries

Frais de participation

Lunchs are free of charge.
Maximum number of attendees : 8
Code : 250


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STRASBOURG, 67 Bas-Rhin, Alsace
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