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New approaches on biogalenics - Alsace

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New approaches on biogalenics

Formation - Ecole - Enseignement - Alsace - 67 - Bas-Rhin - STRASBOURG

Description de la formation

Learning objectives

Many molecules currently used into human or veterinary therapeutics in conventional dosage forms can be formulated with a greater specificity with concepts of more modern formulations (drug targeting).
At the end of the courses, the trainee will be able to:
- determine the potential therapeutic improvement which can be brought to an active molecule ;
- integrate the various approaches allowing to formulate a drug targeting dosage form.

Prospective students

Pharmacists, engineers, chemists, biochemists, doctors, technicians of pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, veterinary surgeons working in Research and development wishing to be interested in the galenical formulations intended to target drugs.


1. Various physical and chemical principles to take into account for the development of new dosage forms :
- physico-chemical parameters
- routes of administration
- pharmacokinetics
2. Bioadhesive dosage forms
- theoretical aspects of the bioadhésion
- mucoadhesive dosage forms for oral application
3. Oral dosage forms
- solubles and dispersibles tablets
- oral freeze-dried dosage forms
- micellar solutions
- oral autoemulsifying devices and microemulsions
- prolonged gastric drug delivery devices
4. Devices for ocular administation
5. Parenteral emulsions
6. Submicronic particulate systems intended for the targeting of drugs
- nanoparticles
- liposomes
- methods of preparation
- methods for the characterization and for the purification
- association of the active ingredient
- therapeutic potentialities
- exemples of uses (anticancer drugs, peptidic vaccines)

Teaching methods

Exchanges, case studies, talks.


This training course is an « action d'adaptation et de développement des compétences » (ref. French law). A certificate of attendance is delivered after the course. An evaluation measures the trainees' satisfaction and the achievement of learning objectives.

Study Director

M. Thierry VANDAMME, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy Strasbourg

Email : vandamme@unistra.fr

2.00 jours


Université de Strasbourg - Service Formation Continue
21, rue du Maréchal Lefebvre

Frais de participation

Repas de midi pris en charge par les organisateurs.
code : 3067

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Alsace 67 - Bas-Rhin
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Formation - Ecole - Enseignement STRASBOURG
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