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Industrial pharmaceutical technology of solid dosage forms - Alsace

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Industrial pharmaceutical technology of solid dosage forms

Formation - Ecole - Enseignement - Alsace - 67 - Bas-Rhin - STRASBOURG

Description de la formation

Learning Objectives

- To know the theoretical and practical aspects of industrial techniques of production of drugs in solid dosage forms (powders, tablets, capsules...).
- To know the methods of analysis of the solid dosage forms and materials intended for the packaging of these dosage forms.

Prospective students

Any person, managers, technicians who is working in pharmaceutical industry in a department or research service and developments of drugs and wishes to solve problems of formulations of drugs in particular, in solid dosage forms. The courses of this training will be given at the same time as those given to the students within the framework of the Master degree Sciences of the Drug.


1. Grinding
2. Granulometric analysis of the solids
3. The mixture
4. The physics of tabletting
5. The dissolution
6. Pharmacotechnical methods of analysis of solid dosage forms
7. Materials used for the packaging of the solid dosage forms

Teaching methods

Alternation theoretical talks - discussion and case studies.


This training course is an « action d'adaptation et de développement des compétences » (ref. French law). A certificate of attendance is delivered after the course. An evaluation measures the trainees' satisfaction and the achievement of learning objectives.

Study director

M. Thierry VANDAMME, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy Strasbourg

Email : vandamme@unistra.fr

3 jours


Faculté de Pharmacie
74, route du Rhin

Frais de participation

Repas de midi pris en charge par les organisateurs.
code : 3065

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Informations complémentaires
Région : Département :
Alsace 67 - Bas-Rhin
Secteur : Localisation :
Formation - Ecole - Enseignement STRASBOURG
type de contrat : Salaire :
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Cette offre n'est plus d'actualité.
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